AS199693 (Bihaan Sen)

Probably one of the worst AS networks in the world | PeeringDB

Who am I?

I am Bihaan Sen, a 15 year old 10th Grader (almost) studying PCMB (how original).

I had a passion for computers since a small age. This ASN allows me to play around with BGP and IPv6.

My Upstreams

AS6939 (Hurricane Electric)

AS945 (August Internet)

Internet Exchanges I am in

Great Plains Connect (Missouri)

My Nodes

4vCPU (Intel Xeon Gold 6152) 8GB RAM (August Internet)

10Gbit/s | Peers with AS945, AS6939 | Connected to GPC Missouri


4vCPU (Intel Xeon L5639) 16GB RAM (Civilized Hosting)

1Gbit/s | Peers with AS216360 | No connection to any IX

All nodes have IPv6 connectivity.

Contact Me

Email: noc [at] 199693 [dot] xyz | bihaanindia [at] gmail [dot] com

Discord: otusb

Telegram: @otus9051